Why to shoot in Budapest?


Our client asked us to create a message which would speak to the film production community and support the introduction and promotion of Budapest as a suitable location for filming all kinds of content. The brief was to create a user-friendly, simple site which communicated the key messaging as succinctly as possible

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Project Description

“You’ve seen us before, we just looked different. In Bel Ami, we played Paris. In Munich, we looked like London and Rome. In Hell Boy we became New York City. Our Moscow disguise did a turn in Red Heat and A Good Day to Die Hard. We even did a period piece, appearing as 15th century Italy, in The Borgias. Budapest is a mecca for producers from all over the world. We cover the entire production gamut, from feature films to commercials production for blue-chip advertisers.” Our core tasks included the site build in HTML/CSS, licensing and customization of our CMS engine and content upload

Project Details

Year: 2014
Client: Umbrella