The aim of the game is to connect same coloured dots to build a high score. As you connect sets of dots, special powers build up and these, once fully charged, can be deployed as spells to hamper your opponent's progress. The game is completed when a player hits a certain score or the predetermined game time elapses

Project Description

Our client was looking to develop a puzzle game that could be enjoyed in tournament formats. The game needed to include real-time interaction between players, here in the form of being able to send spells to each others’ boards so as to gain an advantage. The result was a modern twist on connect the dots - a frenetic race against time to build the best score, while having to deal with spells being sent by your opponent. The game also had to be 'bite-sized' to appeal to the casual player who plays on the train, bus or coffee shop. Our tasks included naming, art direction, UX, UI and game physics. Built in Unity, the game became instantly available for deployment on web, android and iOS marketplaces upon build completion.

Project Details

Year: 2015
Client: Stereobold