Boxblow is a pattern finder game for the casual player. With a colour-rich visual look and feel and numerous ways to build XP and skill powers, the game has many levels with which to engage users. Enjoyable as a stand-alone one player game where the challenge is levelling up or, as a competitive real-time challenge against another user, Boxblow is versatile and and a lot of fun

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Project Description

Our client was looking to develop a puzzle game that could be enjoyed both as a stand-alone game and also on tournament platforms. The game needed to have both depth and instant gratification and so learning curve features were crucial, as was fundamental visual look and feel. Our tasks included naming, art direction, UX, UI and game physics. Built in Unity, the game became instantly available for deployment on web, android and iOS marketplaces upon build completion.

Project Details

Year: 2015
Client: Stereobold